Skittish just wants to stay focus in new single, ‘Car Crash Companion’ – Reignland

Rock band, Skittish is back with new single, ‘Car Crash Companion’ from their new LP due out in late September. The band speaks on trying to stay focus in this new pop masterpiece. It conatins an amazing guitar melody that guides the classic drum sounds in the background. The lead vocalsit has such amazing vocals that fit the tone of the song so perfectly especially when the powerful chrous comes in.

‘Better Out than In’ is the 6th Skittish album and the latest highlight in the band’s 12-year history that includes placements on MTV, Lifetime Movies, and Showtime’s ‘Shameless.’ As well as national tours, three top 100 CMJ charting albums, and two Independent Music Award nominations in 2016 for Album and Single of the year.

Looking back at the last decade, Noller remarks, “Its hard not to get sentimental. The support for Skittish albums has given me the independence and creative outlet I love so much. Every day I’m thankful for the people that like what I do. Hopefully, the music makes them feel less alone, because their connection certainly has done that for me.” I can’t wait for the full project.

Connect: http://facebook.com/skittishmusic