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Siva Kaneswaran, formerly of The Wanted has just launched his long-awaited solo debut single, “Breathe In!” After multiplatinum success in one of the decade’s biggest international pop groups The Wanted, sold out shows around the globe, and heeding endless demand from countless fans, Siva returns with his anxiously awaited debut single “Breathe In”  The Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, model, and actor reaches the apex of a three-year journey with the song and makes a bold statement in the process. Siva Releases Debut Solo Single “Breathe In” Today! “Breathe In comes from my life experiences. As an artist, I wanted to share how I heal from anxiety and fears.” Siva says. “Personally, I focused on the breath because I believe it’s the direct path to the soul, and deep conscious breathing is one of the most powerful keys to unlocking your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.” Siva encourages such changes in the new music and draws up a roadmap to do so in this anthem. Most importantly, the song paves the way for much more music to come.

You can check out “Breathe In” here: https://soundcloud.com/seevster/breathe-in-1 

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