Sipprell releases new single, ‘Planes’ – Reignland

London based R&B/Soul songwriter and producer Sipprell is back with a new lush self-produced song ‘Planes’. This is the 3rd single from her upcoming EP ‘Bad History’. A song reflecting on humanity’s impact on the planet and the constant race for advancement regardless of the repercussions. The lush sounds of her voice are so refreshing to hear. It captivates you while she takes you through this musical journey of relatable lyrics, smooth melodies, and crisp production. The adlibs and harmonies are gorgeous. At times she also brings in a bit of soul to the song that you will live for,

Planes were written, performed, and produced by Sipprell, with some added production from Chloe Martini.”Although it’s a groovy happy-sounding vibe, the lyrics reflect an overall pessimism about where the world is heading, and how humans have and are continuing to destroy the planet. There’s only so long we can feel satisfied with the superficial things in life, and turn a blind eye to the results of our actions,” explains SIPPRELL This is must-have on your playlist. I can’t wait to hear her full project. Be sure to add your feedback below.

Get the track: apple.com, spotify.com, deezer.com, youtube.com