Simone Reyes releases a ‘Priceless’ new single for her ex and it’s a country smash. – Reignland

Simone Reyes is getting her ex back big time in her new visual for ‘Priceless’, a beautiful country smash. According to her press release, It pays homage to Miranda Lambert’s Idyllwind designed dress that helps the character in the song get over her ex. The track sounds like home and women empowerment all in one. I love her character in this visual. You see her just having a good ole time as her ex struggles to keep his eyes off of her and then by the end of the video, he calls. She doesn’t pick up though, I mean why would she, he’s a jerk. Her outfit changes in this are amazing.

Simone Reyes is also a former hip hop executive / ex-reality star. Simone Reyes was raised on hip hop and has been the Godfather of Hip Hop’s right-hand since high school. She spent years joyfully and successfully helping to mold entertainment mogul/ philanthropist, Russell Simmons’ dream into a reality that became a legend. Then without warning, Russell Simmons, very publicly stepped down from his businesses to redirect his focus on global healing and Simone’s life took a turn. 

I’m so happy to see her transition into music. She’s a breath of fresh air and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Get the track: spotify.com