Silas Fermoy releases new single, ‘I’ll Paint Your Room’ – Reignland

Silas Fermoy has released a wonderful new track called “I’ll Paint Your Room” An excellent beat starts off this great track, wonderful vocals and loud drums! Loved the lyrics, definitely excellent writing skills. Speaking on the track, he says, “This song was written in the midst of the realisation that the relationship i was in at the time wasn’t going to last. I was starting to feel emotionally leaned on… more of a therapist than a partner. But i still believed in this persons talent and drive. I still wanted to be there for them. ”

Silas Fermoy is the meeting of 2 creative minds: The Polished Pop hooks of Singer/Keyboardist Joshua Mash, and the progressive ethereal sonic textures of guitarist Phillip Pope. 2020 will see the release of the groups upcoming E.P. “Always Greener” produced by Jason Cummings of “The Cutting Room” studios in New York, as well as a constant list of shows all over California and the Pacific Northwest.Please take the time to listen to this song and leave your feedback below. You will enjoy it. Add it to your playlist today.

Get the track: apple.comyoutube.comspotify.com