Shotty Automatic, Muenster and Brujo connect for new single, ‘Trinity’ – Reignland

Versatile lyricist, Muenster is back with a new single titled, ‘Trinity’ featuring Shotty Automatic and Brujo. The smooth R&B melody takes you back to the early 2000’s with it’s endless summer feel. The rappers effortless ability to delivery timely lyrics in such an impactful way is amazing. It’s not your typical club banger or radio track . The features on this record just add their own flavor to it, making it complete. They should do more collaborations in the future as they sound dope on this.


The rhymesayer’s résumé boasts more than a decade of experience and dedication to his craft, evidenced by hundreds of live performances, several Warped Tour regional circuits, and a collection of meticulously crafted recordings that seemingly have no low points. Feeling this? Leave your feedback below and let the artist know you are rocking with him.

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