Shane Dawson releases trailer for next documentary ? – Reignland

It’s been three months since the last episode aired on YouTube from Shane Dawson’s ‘The Mind Of Jake Paul’ docu-series. The series became a trending topic, reaching 20M+ views per video. When it ended, fans wanted more. After a short break, he’s back. Shane released a one minute trailer on his YouTube channel yesterday for the new series and it already has 3million + views.

During the last episode of Drama Alert, Keemstar revealed that according to Shane the docu-series was going to be about two things; exposing a fake relationship and exposing a company that Shane may be sued by. ?? He was also given an exclusive second trailer by Shane for the series. The series will premiere on January 30th and be in two parts. As always the trailer looks amazing, the editing and scary effects are beautiful and we can’t wait for the first episode.

Watch the trailer above and comment your thoughts.

Shawn Dawson