SFTW wants to get ‘Closer’ to the one he loves in new single. – Reignland

SFTW is pouring his feelings out on this new track titled, ‘Closer’. The track has a pop melody infused with some light rnb that creates this soothing sound. His vocals are calming and really hold a lot of emotion as he sings each verse. It’s a beautiful song about him wanting to get closer to someone he loves but unfortunately they don’t feel the same way. We can all relate to that for sure.

“I’m still chasing my dream to become a musician, it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was little. I’m always writing and freestyling songs, some get out to the world and some I keep hidden.”, he explains. Be sure to add your feedback below.

Get the track: apple.com, youtube.com, deezer.com

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/s.f.t.w13/