Sev Lah released a Rockin new track called “Free my soul” – Reignland


This loud and rockin track is all you want in a hot rockin roll song! The loud guitar and drums shake you up from the very beginning of the song til the end. I loved it! In 2018, Sev Lah decided it was finally time to completely devote himself to his music. He wrote over 60 songs in 100 days, drawing from brit pop, grunge, and garage rock. After uploading his demos to facebook, the songs caught the attention of well known artist and producer Darren Hart (Harts), who eagerly offered to bring Sev into the studio to make his debut album. Now he is releasing the album’s first single, a retro rocker bursting with rebellious energy. Be sure to check it out above and leave your feedback below. Add this fantastic song to your playlist.