Sami Chohfi shares his emotions on his brothers passing in new single, ‘This Majesty’ – Reignland

Seattle-based songwriter Sami Chohfi’s releases a new single titled, ‘Majesty’. The indie-folk track shares his emotions on his brother passing. The emotional new track was written in the beautiful Kenya’s Amboseli Park.

“He loved climbing the highest mountains and I was constantly reminded of him as I gazed upon Mt. Kilimanjaro,” Chohfi adds. “In my experience from the many cultures I have been exposed to over the last two years, most believe that when we lose someone we love, we never truly lose them. I don’t think I will ever feel like those I loved and lost are gone from this place… we carry them with us.”

With a video shot at world-renowned sites like the Taj Mahal and breathtaking footage of India in a pre-corona world, “Majesty” and his upcoming album Extraordinary World serve as timely reminders that, in Chohfi’s words, “all people just want to fit in, beloved, and be understood.” Loosing someone is always hard but I’m happy he has an outlet to let it out on. The powerful guitar melodies that capture all of the emotions he spills onto this record are captiivating and I can’t wait to hear more.