Sakehands shares infectious new single, ‘LUCK’ – Reignland

L.A based powerhouse producer, sakehands shares a new lofi masterpiece titled, ‘LUCK’. The soothing R&B track really takes you by the heart strings with her light and angelic vocals that bring you on a journey of emotions and dreamy melodies. It’s like a mysterious foundation of melodies almost and you don’t know where it’s going but you know it’s going to be good. The infectious harmonies really add that dreamy effect to the song.

As he explains about the track: “I wanted to write a piece about someone or something without ever explicitly stating what that thing is. For some reason I chose a topic I know nothing about.

His 2018 debut, ‘PLASTIC,’ approaches two million streams, a track that performs as his modus operandi; articulate and envelope-pushing in its production, with a lyrical ethos inspired by the bitter taste of social media-induced narcissism. You need this infectious track on your playlist right now, add it and leave feedback below.


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