Ryan B shares his true feelings in new rock single, ‘Never Let Go’ – Reignland

Ryan B is back with the visual for his rock love single, ‘Never Let Go’. The track has that classic drum melody we all love with an added country touch to make you feel at home. The solo electric guitar moment is killer and really adds the attitude to the track. His vocals sound great along side the wonderful lyrics about love and never letting it go.

“Never Let Go” was originally written for a specific person, but the overall theme in the song is meant to be one of perseverance. Love is not easy, but the one phrase that should be able to get you through even the darkest of times should always be “Never Let Go”. The song is an anthem for all of those in relationships and serves as a beacon of hope that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.”, he states. The visual that comes along with the track is fun and sweet, showcasing a couple in love with Ryan singing his heart out. You can’t help but feel amazing watching and listening.

Get the track: soundcloud.com, spotify.com