Roy Matz releases soulful new track, ‘These Words’ featuring Amanda Silecchio – Reignland

Producer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist, Roy Matz has released a new soulful self-love song titled, These Words. The song speaks on self-love and learning to love yourself before loving someone else. The chorus is sung by Amanda Silecchio. Te melody is so smooth and calming. Roy’s flow is dope and he decently spits some truth that people need to hear.

Roy said this about the track inspiration;

Self love is a very overlooked subject because people tend to think that external love will make them complete, which can be right to a degree but can be super deceptive. Someone else’s love can be used as a drug we crave for our being (“you were a drug that i needed in vain”) when it is love that we create within ourselves that is sustainable and can make us feel truly complete. That love is found by you when you look for it inside yourself

He grew up in Israel and started writing his own music at age 21 after his army service Everyone needs a little inspiration on their playlist.

Get the track: https://music.apple.com/us/album/these-words-feat-amanda-silecchio-single/1493095763

Connect: https://www.roymatz.com/