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Twenty-year-old country music artist, Riley Roth is back with your next favorite country pop song, ‘Friendly’. I know I’m late to this tracks party but at least not too late because this song is so relatable. Riley was the second person to ever cover Gold Crwn Magazine when I first started. I always loved her music and with her new track, ‘Friendly’, I remember why I wanted her on my cover years ago.

Riley had previous tracks and music videos throughout the beginning years of her career but after searching for them, It seems that she wiped those clean off of the internet with just this new track left standing. Everyone has a right to a brand change.  Roth’s new matured sound is everything that country music is about and everything that a country music fan would ask for. She seems to be growing into herself while keeping that seem positive energy that she has always carried with her throughout her career. She’s not only relatable but the way she delivers her vocals with such feeling is downright amazing. She not only sings but she plays guitar too which is why I had to include the acoustic version of this song below. I didn’t think the song could get any more beautiful but I was wrong. Riley is back and I’m ready for it.

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You can visit her website here: rileyroth.com

While you are at it, watch the acoustic version below.

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Riley Roth