RICH CAVIAR has released an amazing new track called “Brazil” – Reignland

Rich Caviar has released an awesome new track called “Brazil” RICH CAVIAR was recently featured on the STARZ TV show “POWER” and has starred in shows/films such as M Night Shyamalan’s “Glass” and NBC’s “Blacklist” to name a few. Rich has performed live with artists such as J Cole, Big Sean, Mac Miller, Fabolous, and MGK. Born in Moscow, Russia raised in USA. is he is a multi-talented artist and has been steadily growing his music fan-base. This is a fantastic new track! The music is perfect! The beat will get you to move and bob your head! The vocals are incredible for sure! The skilled rapping is untouched! Brilliant project indeed! Wow! Be sure to check this out, it’s wonderful! Please share your feedback below. Add this to your playlist, it’s worth it!