Reignland Creatives launch new online fashion retail, Reignland – Reignland

Virginia Dec 6th, 2019 – Ella Audrey Rae has turned her merch into a full fashion retail online store titled Reignland. The final piece to her creative vision for the brand. “Reignland is my creative universe, I wanted to incorporate different aspects of my vision into one company which is how Reignland Creatives was born. Now my love and vision for fashion design is complete with the launch of this store.” Ella adds. 

The online retailer will consist of exclusive drops, original designs, collaborations with other creatives and more for customers. Ella added “Reignland used to just be my little world in my head but I now have opened it up to anyone. Reignland is a creative family that anyone can be apart of and in this family, you get dope clothes. [laughs]. The brand is apart of the Reignland Creatives which houses, Web Design, Reignland Magazine, and Reignland Radio. The first collection to arrive at the store is ‘Neon Reign’ , a neon and rock-inspired collection by Ella. It features top and bottom pieces with a selection of accessories. “I’ve done online retail before but it wasn’t the right time. This collection came to me at a random time one afternoon. I feel really good about this one. I feel ready.” Ella says. 

The store has been officially opened and ready for shoppers. 

About Reignland;

Reignland is an online fashion retail store for the fearless and creative created in 2019. It features clothing for all ages and genders. Created by journalist Ella Rae, powered by Reignland Creatives.