Reggie Becton returns with delightful new R&B track, ‘Listenin’ – Reignland

PG County, Maryland native artist, Reggie Becton is back with his newest single “Listenin’. In this track, he takes a deep dive into the emotional complexities that come with male expression in society today. He delivers smooth vocals and vulnerable lyrics next to a soothing baseline. The way he incorporates the guitars at the end creates this romantic ending to the track like no other. Becton delivers a raw and personal perspective on masculinity and the normalization of toxic love and relationships.

Reggie Becton’s heartbreak anthem speaks on toxic love and provides a refreshing male perspective on how men confront their emotions and inner demons. For Becton, being unguarded and open about relationships and life, is the lifeline of his music; his lyrics often feel like unadulterated journal entries. “At its core, ‘Listenin’’ is about a yearning for someone you know isn’t really good for your being. It serves as one last call to a lover to see if they’re ‘Listenin’” and if they understand that you are dying without them. It is about the end of a relationship that never really got off the ground, but it was still deeply felt,” explains Becton.

Reggie Becton wrote “Listenin’” after a conversation with his roommates on how “love just isn’t quite the same without a little toxic behavior.” He delves into why toxic love is both addicting and sometimes unavoidable in modern-day relationships. “Shows like Love and Hip Hop have normalized the idea that you have to go through constant struggles such as cheating or not fully committing, to be involved with someone you have feelings for, and this song serves as a reflection of that; while we all long for the type of relationship that’s healthy and whole, there is still apart of us that longs for the drama of a toxic relationship/situationship. We all want to experience an ‘Issa and Laurence type love,’” he explains.

Becton’s music has been featured by publications such as EARMILK, Elevator Mag, Lyrical Lemonade, Singersroom, DJBooth, and many more. He has also collaborated and partnered with brands like Fender, Steereo, Sofar Sounds, YOU42, and COLORS R&B Only. Becton has also co-written with artists at major labels like Atlantic Records and Warner Music. . The song is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.