Regarding Henry shares a touching story in new single, ‘Umbrella on Jamaica’ – Reignland

Guitarplayer, singer, songwriter, producer, Regarding Henry shares a tropical new single, ‘Umbrella on Jamaica’. His ability to tell a story with such vivid lyrics is amazing. I felt like I could see exactly what he was talking about. The pumping drums and electric guitar fuses Reggae and classic 80’s rock into one create this new sound like no other. The story behind the lyrics are sad but beautiful.

Speaking on the track, he says, ‘In the late 80s I met a girl and we became friends. By that time she was suffering from breast cancer at a very early age and she finally died in 2000. We lost contact and I heard about her death in 2012. She was a big fan of Reggae and Jamaica and once I told her I´ll write a song about her waiting for me on Jamaica with an umbrella. Finally this song turned out.”

After playing in several cover bands for about 10 years, Henry founded the band STATEMENT in 1989 where he played the Guitar and also wrote most of the songs. Together with STATEMENT he released two studio albums “One For The Money” (1993) and “Love Bites” (1995) Both albums received positive reviews, also internationally, and were on several lists for the best Melodic Rock / Metal albums of the year.

During the 90’s Henry and STATEMENT performed numerous gigs in Germany and Europe. For several years the band was part of the line-up of the “German bike week” as well as opener for artists like Manfred Mann’s Earthband, Uriah Heep, Molly Hatchet, Roger Chapman and Alvin Lee’s Ten Years After.

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/Regarding-Henry-103418534553747/