RCA brings back 80’s R&B with new single, ‘Days’ – Reignland

RCA is bringing back some 80’s R&B sounds with his new single, ‘Days’. The track pulls directly from RCA’s 10-year relationship with his partner. It has that smooth R&B vibe that we all love from that may take some listeners back to good memories. The production is perfect. I would love to have heard some vocals on this, it would definitely set this off perfectly.

This is the first single off of RCA’s upcoming full-length album RELATIONSHIPS. RELATIONSHIPS is an album outlining the chain of events around connection, commitment, and the consequences of not growing up. “Days” is the last song on the album and first written for the album 2 years ago. We need more music like this. Be sure to give your feedback below.

Get the track: http://www.instagram.com/rca.fm