RARIA debuts with new single, “Will You Tell Your Girlfriend? – Reignland

RARIA has released an awesome new track called “Will You Tell Your Girlfriend?” Loved the guitar and the vocals together in the beginning of the song. The heavy bass came in and really added greatness to this already awesome track. This is a terrific song to enjoy while driving. I’m listening to this on repeat.

Her authentic debut, ‘Will You Tell Your Girlfriend?’ describes an unconventional romantic encounter. “I’ve never been selfish when it comes to love, but I think there’s a weird pleasure when you do something you know you’re not meant to”. Travelling overseas to help inspire her project, she found herself getting involved with someone in a relationship. “I didn’t find out until after we took things to the next level. I felt terrible but at the same time, I wouldn’t change a single thing that happened. I was just hoping that after all the drama he caused, I would at least be worth telling the truth for”.

Be sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Please leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.

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