Rachel Eckroth has released an amazing new track called “Perfect Love” (Feat. Sy Smith) – Reignland

Rachel Eckroth has released a wonderful track called “Perfect Love” (ft. Sy Smith), Some collaborations are irresistible. Take the reigning queen of underground soul and match her with a synthesizer wizard and exquisite soundscaper – how could that go wrong? Well, set your expectations aside, because “Perfect Love,” which matches the visionary producer and songwriter Rachel Eckroth with vocalist Sy Smith, is far more than the sum of its parts. Being graced with such beauty and talent is amazing, the video to this song is really nice. The beautiful gold and reds, pinks were so pleasing to the eyes! The vocals with the smooth background harmony is absolutely perfect! The instruments are spectacular in every note that’s played. Just check it out for yourself and please leave your feedback below. Add this song to your playlist today.