Quiet Cities and YUZON releases new retro rock single, ‘Maniac’. – Reignland

Quiet Cities and singer-songwriter YUZON share new single, ‘Maniac’. The track is about delusion, mania, and questioning reality. I love the haunting and dark electronic melody that this song showcases. It also has that retro guitar melody in the back that really brings it all together. The low tone that vocals carry throughout the song creates this dark but addictive dance atmosphere almost.

Speaking on the track, ‘Quiet Cites’ said, ‘The single is a synthwave-inspired alternative pop song. Lyrically, the song is about delusion, mania, and questioning reality. Sonically, I wanted it to be reminiscent of classic 80s synthwave, while still keeping a modern sound. I wanted the listener to be able to connect the song’s lyrics with the music, so I produced the song in such a way that it extends the feeling of instability, excitement, and uneasiness. YUZON’s unique sound also plays a huge part in building the song’s atmosphere. I hope that people who listen to the song get to experience it as was intended.” This collaboration was perfect and they definitely should do more. If you like the song as much as I do, please

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