Producer Spade comes back with a new single perfect for your fall playlist. – Reignland

Update on September 30, 2020: Spade gets his first 100 plays on this track after just two days of its release. In total he has 300 plays on his account after a month of being active. ✨

Producer Spade is here to set your fall playlist on fire with his new single, ‘This Fall’. The track comes shortly after the release of his blissful summer single, ‘Cool Breeze’ and a few others.

This new track feels like a cool fall day in October with its airy melodies and dynamic orchestra sounding synths. The build up of the track is the heart of it and flawlessly brings in all other components one after the other. The combination of genres is insane. It includes electronic, R&B and Hip Hop combined with a vibe that you can’t stop grooving too.

His ability to speak so much through his instrumentals just keeps me coming back to hear more. Be sure to listen above and leave your feedback below.


SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-507703987?ref=clipboard&p=i&c=0