Lo-fi indie-folk troubadour StevieRay Latham returns with a stunning hand-drawn animation to accompany the epic track ‘Everything Changes’ taken from his latest EP, ‘Nomads of Industrial Suburbia’. I am so excited to premiere this with you all. The track starts off placing you in a calm dream like setting that then turns into a beautiful guitar driven melody. His low tone vocals fit the track perfectly. The animation video is beautifully drawn and really brings the song to life. You don’t want to look away.

Drawing on soundtrack music and sound-art in combination with traditional folk influences, ambient electronica and shoe-gaze, the song takes us on a journey from the twinkling notes of a childhood music-box to the crashing climax of a thunder storm and the ghostly, echoed motifs that linger on in its wake. The animation is a vanitas for the contemporary age, splicing traditional symbolism with a psychedelic edge, bringing new depths to the lyrics’ exploration of ephemerality and the mantra ‘Everything Changes’. I can’t wait to hear the full project. Be sure to add your feedback below.

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