PREMIERE: Kristian Marr releases new single, ‘Space and Time’ – Reignland

Newcastle born singer-songwriter / musician Kristian Marr shares an addictive new tune titled, ‘Space and Time’ along with a visual. The visual creates a story line that is told well. It has love, happiness, sadness and a cinematic touch to bring it together. The track has a heavy and classic baseline for the foundation with vocals that bring the song to life from start to finish.

Kristian says: “‘Space and Time’ captures the ups and downs of daily mental health. It show the frustrations of isolation and not being able to fit in after its destruction but at the same time grounding yourself and preparing for the days to come. The song was written and recorded before Covid-19 and yet it feels so fitting. I don’t think we need to be locked in to feel isolated however this pandemic has made us all subject to that struggle. It explores feeling lost within oneself and seeking to find answers in a world you feel alien from.”

This project is a one of kind rock classic that will play on for generations to come. I can’t wait to hear more from this artist. Be sure to add your reaction below and some feedback as well. Add this to your playlist and rock out.