Pookiie talks the journey of being a ‘New Talent’ in the industry on new single. – Reignland

ATL based artist, Pookiie has released a fire new single titled, ‘New Talent.’ I rarely listen to hip hop and instantly love it, but after hearing this I was instantly hooked by that amazing flow and outstanding wordplay. “I referring to me being a new talent trying to get into the music industry, but at the end of the day, you still gonna see that I deserve to be there. Anybody that feels like their “new talent” can relate to this. ” he explained about the track.

His flow doesn’t seem like a new talent but more of a seasoned one. His tone is superb and the change of pace as the song goes on sees the production is outstanding as well.

Get the track: music.apple.com, soundcloud.com, youtube.com, deezer.com

Connect: https://linktr.ee/hhnpookiie