Pewdiepie Gets His Own Game – Designed in TWO Weeks – ZERO DEATHS – Reignland

On February 14th, Thomas Brush dared PewDiePie to dare him to make a game in 14 days. The result? Zero Deaths — a post-apocalyptic action-adventure about Felix’s resurrection from the ashes of the Sub-Bot War of 2019. Thomas Brush is a songwriter, game designer, and illustrator. For two week, Thomas live-streamed himself making the game, taking ideas from Felix’s 9-year-old army who chated during the stream. The game, along with its trailer, was released this month and what better way to celebrate it then have Felix play his own game along with the guy who designed it!!! This is Feli’x first time really seeing the game as he didnt watch any of the live streams. During the walkthrough, Felix is so happy to see how awesome it turned out and how many parts of his life, his army paid attention to enough to add it to the game like his chair as a power-up, or the graveyard of memes.

You can play the game for free here, a donation is appreciated and goes to charity.

You can watch the live stream of him making it here.

Subscribe to Thomas Brush YouTube here.

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