Other Colours, Temptress, and D.Tail team up to release sultry debut single ‘Feel Like This’ – Reignland

Other Colours is ready to debut with this new sultry single , ‘Feel Like This’. This funky mix of mesmerizing synths and perfect bass create such a free atompshere for listeners. It features the beautiful vocals of London duo Temptress, and dope lyricism of rising rap artist D.tail.

The project was created by writer and producer George Hasbury, who for a very long time worked on records for just other artist. Other Colours his journey as an artist. When talking about the song’s creation and collaborators George says:

‘I was really hung over and just playing around with some loose ideas on my laptop and somehow out of the self pity the song was written. I think you can sort of feel that slightly slurry and loose vibe in the finished record. Temptress are really good friends of mine and we’d been working on a bunch of ideas together for a while so I showed them this one and they were great, jumping on it with that amazingly smooth vocal. D.Tail I knew of through a friend who passed the idea on to him and he was awesome and sent me that verse so quickly! The whole project is just a way for me to collaborate with artists and friends I really rate, like these guys, so yeah, there’s more to come’

Other Colours provided a flaming debut that certainly makes them one to watch. I can’t wait to hear more.