Osei and Armani Are Back On They S*** in new single. – Reignland

Osei and Armani are here to provide your playlist with a straight banger. Back On My S*** is the first song off of their album tired of being broke 2. The bass-driven track really hits the speaks just right. It features dope wordplay and a catchy chorus. The two met in high school and eventually created this group during college. “We’re not going for the same things other rappers are going for today,” Osei said.

He continued “More often than not they’re rapping about money or jewelry or this image they’re projecting. But we’re more looking at where rap used to be. We listen to a wide range of music, especially the old- school music. I listen to that every day – it’s my favorite genre. And we’re a lot like those rappers – just trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. That’s why our music is relatable. Not everybody in the world is rich, and we’re not rapping about the rich life. We’re telling stories of where we come from, and that’s likely the same place where you come from. It’s all bout authenticity.”

Get the track: youtube.com, spotify.com, deezer.com, music.apple.com