Orly Raquel shares new enchanting visual, ‘Witch’ – Reignland

Singer and songwriter, Orly has released a new single titled, ‘Witch’. The visual is exceptional and really takes you on a journey like never before. It’s so cinematic and really captures the songs essence. Her vocals are enchanting and haunting at the same time. You get lost in them from beginning to end.

“The creation of this song and video clip was a therapeutic process for me and I view it as a moment captured in the dreaming of my unconscious psyche. The song explores the darker parts of the feminine shadow, which are often repressed and shunned by the positivity and betterment obsessed culture in which we live. The creation was a process of reclaiming these parts of myself and acknowledging them as sacred. “, She explained.

You can tell that she put so much emotion into this from the way the characters moved to the way the cameras moved in each scene. I can’t wait to hear more.

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/orly.raquel/