Orla Gartland releases new video for ‘Figure It Out’ – Reignland

Indie pop artist Orla Gartland is back with a brand new music video for her single, “Figure It Out.” The video showcases a very out of it Orla, vocalizing her need for space through strained looks and tension-filled interactions The vibe of the video is amazing. Her voice is absolutely mesmerizing and so captivating.

She said this about the song in a press release “I wrote ‘Figure It Out’ about desperately needing space – about asking for it, about being ignored and hoping the other person would eventually read between the lines,” says Orla. “The verses detail the frustration of us politely circling around one another in the aftermath of the break-up, seeing each other at a New Year’s party, making conversation here and there… and then the tension builds towards the chorus and I just lose it. I felt angry one second and calm the next. I wanted the contrast in emotion between these two parts of the song to feel like night and day.

“Figure It Out” is the second single off of Orla’s upcoming EP, Freckle Season, due out February 21, 2020.

Connect: orlagartland.com