O’Ivy released a smashing new track called “Be Alright” – Reignland

O” Ivy released a great new track called ‘Be Alright’ its about struggling with mental health and isolation. It’s about being close with those who are also struggling, and finding a balance between feeling frustrated, but still wanting them and yourself to be alright. With the release of their new single “Be Alright”, O’Ivy takes a fresh approach to some classic genres, while blending and breathing unique life into the song. Laced with addictive progressions, pop infused vocals, and an alternative rock overtone, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie rock anthems. The hard hitting Rock tone of this track is sensational and loud like we love it! The vocals and heavy hitting drums and hot guitar all set the fun stage to enjoy yourself at your own risk when listening to this one! Beautiful! Be sure to listen to this track above and share your wonderful thoughts below. Oh yeah and add this one to your playlist.