oblio releases a single titled, ‘Another Nothing Day’ – Reignland

Alt trio, Oblio has released a new single, ‘Another Nothing Day’. The track has an old school rock vibe that I can’t enough of. The vocals are soothing and almost reminds me of the Beach Boys a little bit. The lyrics are relatable and really hit you close to home. I love the fusion of two genres that make the incredible sound.

Our hope for this track is just ONE thing: that it would be a fun and nostalgic throwback to the charm of early ’80s Goth & New Wave music. Taking cues from everything from Joy Division to Billy Idol, this song is intended to be a loving homage to our favorite tunes from the past. The lyrical themes revolve around intense feelings of isolation, boredom, and the drudgery of a day when everything just seems futile…

Get the track: apple.com, youtube.com, deezer.com, bandcamp.com, soundcloud.com

Connect: https://twitter.com/oblioband