Nicholas Wells released a great new track called “What I’m Here For” – Reignland


Nicholas Wells’ “What I’m Here For” is a fun, upbeat, and catchy song with a lot of heart. Singing along to its anthemic chorus is irresistible, and its bouncing rhythm will have any listener clapping along. “What I’m Here For” is about selflessly being there for someone. In addition to his work as a singer-songwriter, Nicholas has worked with other notable artists. Nicholas has performed background vocals for Adele, performed with and directed a performance by Scarborough on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, directed string quartet tours for Five For Fighting, and has produced and arranged many musical projects for Joe Scarborough and MSNBC. Nicholas’ original music has aired on MSNBC as well as SYFY. I loved the upbeat, happy sound of this track, it took me to a pleasant place for the moment. Like taking in a breathe of fresh air. The music is awesome and the story is fabulous! Be sure to take a listen to the track above and leave your thoughts below. Add this to your playlist.