Nia Wyn x KinKai x Shuko has released an excellent jazz track called “I Ain’t Finished Yet” – Reignland

Nia Wyn x Kinkai x shuko has released an exciting new jazz track called “I Ain’t Finished Yet” German producer Shuko, who has produced for the likes of Talib Kweli, Ty Dolla $ign, Nipsey Hussle) continues to expand his own label For The Love Of It. Next to his upcoming instrumental album “Jazzterfield”, he also works with artists from all over the world. The new single “I Ain’t Finished Yet” is a collaboration of the Mainz- based producer with Welsh Nia Wyn and Manchester rapper KinKai. On a laid back jazz beat the artists deal with experiencing set-backs and disappointments in life such as mental health issues and criticism from others, but coming out of these experiences stronger and more resilient. Excellent work on this track, awesome rapping skills, love the vocals and the music is exceptional. Be sure to check out this track and please leave your feedback below.