New West is walking through hell fire for love in emotional “Hate That I Love You” track – Reignland

New West is an independent Canadian musical collective formed in Toronto in 2017. The four members, Kala WIta, Vella, Ben Key, and Noel West. Each member contributes as a multifaceted instrumentalist/songwriter, putting forth a fresh spin on collaborative music. Their songs emanate themes of nostalgia, infatuation, heartbreak and self-awareness with a focus on songwriting and lyricism.

Their new single “Hate That I Love You” is a pop ballad that features angelic vocals and the ability to pull the listener in to the romantic world of New West with outstanding production and the emotional delivery given by the lead singer. It’s a slightly twisted love story depicting a relationship between two individuals under the influence of intense, obsessive romance.

Youtube: https://tinyurl.com/yxfczd4n

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/19DIgGR0KFZhoE1lOrzspa?si=NSPv1LTmRPica5NCYjfmSA

Connect: http://www.newwest199x.com/