MVF releases new electronic inspiring single ‘Feedback’ – Reignland

MVF is here with some new inspiration to start off your 2020. ‘Feedback’ is the artist’s newest offering to keep your spirits up. The track has a little island vibe to it along with pop melodies. It blends together well. He said this about the song, ‘I’ve always struggled with self-confidence. I never felt that I was good enough so I pretended to be what everyone wanted me to be. My goal for this song is to inspire others to believe in themselves.”

He continued, ‘Sometimes the people you care most about in life, close family and friends, don’t believe in you. Whether it’s as a musician, singer, athlete, parent, child, or even just a human being; you can never meet their standards and will NEVER be good enough. So many people let the opinions of others destroy their future and crush their spirit.:

I love the message, you can never go wrong with inspiring others to be 100% themselves. Everyone including artist can always use a little boost.

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