Music Duo, LANES fall apart to see you in new single ‘Arms Around Me’ – Reignland

Lanes releasees their fourth single this year entitled ‘Arms Around Me’. The sultry new hit sees the lead singer melting over a special woman singing “If I keep holding back these feelings, I’ll die. ” and “I fall apart to see you every time’.

This song is a complicated love story about one person yearning for another. We tailored the production and writing to fit in with the ‘holiday’ style of music that’s typically played in December, and we chose a release date close to Christmas because of that. Although we believe this song can be enjoyed at any time of the year., they explained.

This jazzy track paired with smooth vocals creates a romantic holiday vibe that makes you wanna cuddle up next to that special someone. They really hit the nail on the head with this one, a for sure hit.