Mopac releases nostalgic new single, ‘Cross-Eyed Dreaming’ – Reignland

Austin’s indie, psych-rock outfit Mopac has released a fun new track titled, ‘Cross-Eyed Dreaming’ The 60’s indie rock-inspired track really feels like a warm summer day as you listen. i love the lush vocals and light instrumental that takes you on a road trip like vibe. According to their press release, “Cross-Eyed Dreaming” reckons with the monotony of day-to-day life and finding clarity in pursuing that which oftentimes appears faraway.

This is the final track off our upcoming EP “Burn & Soothe” Can we take moment and admire the beautiful nature in the cover art? I mean look at the leaves, so vibrant just like the song.

Raised on the Austin music scene, Mopac’s Trey Monts and twin brothers Colton and Sky started playing music together at a young age, always writing their own songs. These early experimentations gradually took shape, and over time the brothers formed the band, adding lead guitarist Hunter Peterson, also from Austin, and vocalist Christin Monts, from Leipzig, Germany.

Mopac dropped its debut LP, Kayfabe, in late 2017, featuring the single “Dead Bone Strut.” Since then, the band has been actively performing shows around Texas and was featured as an official showcase artist at the 2018 AmericanaFest in Nashville.

I am officially hooked on this band. Every part of this single is beautiful and to hear something like this is a breath of fresh air that music like this still exist. I can’t wait to hear more or see a visual. I neeed a visual!

Get the track: https://song.link/us/i/1496935380