Misty Galactic releases new track called “Issues” – Reignland

Misty Galactic has released an awesome new track called “Issues” This track blends dark, brooding and wistful lyrics with trap beats, sentimental pads and hopeful guitars, held together by sweet yet seductive vocals. This track connects to feelings that one may experience being in an abusive relationship. ” It draws inspiration from the abusive relationship I survived, and the mixed-up emotions that are experienced in those turbulent times. My sound takes inspiration from Lana Del Rey, Lil Peep, Velvetears, Reddish Blu, Lil Bo Weep and Baby Goth, coming together to make a dark lo-fi alt-pop sound.” It’s straight to the point and empowering. Great job. Be sure to listen to the track above and please leave feedback below. Add this great track to your playlist!

Get the track: https://open.spotify.com/album/5BdpUHYBG5eSVZwpABgrp7