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Ever wish there was a guide to adulthood? Singer Megan Nicole did too and created one. called ‘Adult (ed)’. This past year Megan’s life catapulted from adolescence to adulthood, with her getting married, buying her first home and become a pet parent. These rapid changes left her a little overwhelmed and wishing she had a handbook which was the inspiration for the concept of Adult (ed). Adult(ed) is a show all about the things that we are expected to know as “grown-ups” that no one ever taught us. In each episode, Megan, along with a guest will tackle a new subject with the help of an expert on the topic. From throwing a fancy dinner party to figuring out taxes, viewers will learn something new with Megan and have some fun along the way. With this show, Megan is hoping that viewers walk away from the series and individual episodes feeling informed, positive, and confident about taking action to live a more informed and adult life. I got a chance to preview a few episodes and let me tell you, I not only learned a few things but Megan’s delivery of this information made feel like just a friend helping another friend. Read below about this new awesome project.

ER: How’s life been this year? MN: Life’s been good! I’m feeling the most balanced I ever have when it comes to work and my personal life. I went from being a workaholic, to slow down for a year, and I know I’ve landed at a great space. I will always have a fire and drive in me to create. It’s been great being able to create other things outside of music, like my new mini-series “adult(ed)”.
EA: You got married last year. What has been the biggest change in your life since saying I do? MN:I would say becoming an “us”. I now have a teammate at my side. If I’m making a big decision we are going to make it together. It’s no longer just about me or just about him. It’s not a loss of identity, but it is about making choices that will be best for both of us. And sometimes that means your partner might be making a sacrifice and another time it may be you that needs to make an adjustment. EA: What has been your favorite thing about being a wife? MN: I just really love starting and ending my days with my person! It’s cool to have someone that you look out for and who looks out for you.
 EA: You also bought your first home at. 25, which is a dream! Congratulations Megan! So tell me, what was the fun part about the process and the not so fun part? MN: Thank you! I have to say, I don’t think there was anything particularly fun about the process. We did write the previous owners a letter to go along with our offer though which was fun and I like to think that helped. The not so fun part, was probably how dragged on it felt when we were in escrow. The paperwork felt never ending! EA: What’s your favorite thing about your new house? MN: It feels nice landing in a space that I know I’ll be in for a while. It really opened up the freedom to create a home that’s our own. When I was renting, I didn’t always have the freedom to paint the walls or hang all the things I wanted. Now, if I want a kitchen with blue cabinets, we can have a kitchen with blue cabinets (which we do, and I think that’s one of my favorite spaces because of it). It’s such a great feeling being able to fully personalize your space!
 EA: Do you have any advice to people around your age looking for a home, but might not have the same knowledge about the process? MN: Talk to people in your life who have already been through the process! That was super helpful for us to talk to people who we trust and look to for advice. Make sure you really research the area you are looking in, find a realtor who can be helpful, and get a good inspection on the home!

EA: With all of this change in your life, you created a new show called Adult (ed), which I think is needed so much for us young people. How has it been creating this amazing project? MN: It’s been so fun to create this series and finally see it come to life! There are obviously many tools out there for “adulting”, but I loved the idea of breaking it down subject by subject in the form of a show. I love that it’s all in bite size pieces and that we have an expert on each subject guiding us. As we dove deeper and deeper into each episode we really started to find the voice and flow of the show and it felt good. I hope everyone can find something to take away from adult(ed) as we learn how to be grown ups together!

EA: What do you think is the hardest thing about Adulthood? MN: I would say the expectations we put on ourselves to “have it all together”. We’re expected to be good at it all. Keeping a clean home, time management, work and meanwhile we need to find time to take care of ourselves and love on our friends. When you realize it’s a journey everyone is on and that everyone has their short comings it takes a lot of the pressure off.

EA: What has been the best advice you have gotten about transitioning into adulthood? MN:In some ways I feel like I’ve been an adult for a while because I’ve been working since I was 15. I would say knowing it’s okay to not have it all figured out right now, because we honestly never really do.

EA: When can we expect more music ? MN: Hopefully some time this summer! I’m itching to get some new music out into the world.

The first season consists of 10 episodes that will launch on the 24th via Megan’s YouTube channel which currently has 4.1 million subscribers. You can follow Megan on Instagram @megannicolemusic and also stream her latest album’ Life Of The Party’ anywhere online music is sold.