The first release from Brisbane (Australian) Artist MAYAH has already gained attention from community radio and local blogs and we definitely understand why. This track definitely shows how she’s about to take the industry by storm with her dope tone and fire instrumental.  MAYAH says, “The song is about how we show curated snippets of our lives on social media but it’s not the full side; it’s the highlight reel. It’s often hard not to compare or question your own happiness, but it’s more important to stay true to yourself and what you love and want to do. Forget about what the f**k anyone else is doing.”

From years of studying music at school, merged with a childhood soundtrack made up of her older sister’s record collection of Lauryn Hill, Janet Jackson and TLC and her mum’s favourites Moby and Massive Attack, the music from Brisbane based MAYAH features inventive melodic song structures fusing R&B, hip hop and electronic staples.

But for years music took a back seat while MAYAH committed herself to studying medicine. It didn’t take long for it to re-emerge as a priority for the Cairns-born artist. Once completing her university exams, she took a leap into the deep end, moving to New York City to pursue any possible musical connection.

Working ‘shitty waitress jobs’ she’d visit studios after her shifts to get her voice heard. Through an incredible series of events – that involved a ride in a NYPD car to Long Island where she ate hummus in Shaggy’s kitchen while he rapped and watched his producers work on a G-Eazy record – pieces began falling into place.

The pros recommended she train with legendary vocal coach Craig Derry (Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige and D’Angelo.) “His classes are so high energy. I felt honoured to be part of them and I met some of the most talented people I’d ever come across at the time. And even now,” MAYAH says.

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