Maxwell Williams has released a hot new track called “Who You Are” – Reignland

This song features a lot of Charlotte, NC heavy hitters; Ian Pasquini of Cheesus Crusts, Nic Pugh and the Bad News, and The Carolina Hot Snakes on drums, Andrew Riddle of Tony Wayne & the Payne and Turbo Blood, Mark Buckley of Couch Surfer on bass, and Hannah RJ on backing vocals. The song was written and recorded in Charlotte after moving from Portland, OR to Olympia, WA to Philadelphia, PA to North Carolina in just under a year with a tongue firmly in cheek about my wanderlust and dissatisfaction with myself and others. The music was originally intended to be Hank Williams, Sr-esque but evolved into something completely different, which I think fits the “inverted traveling song” its lyrics became. The track was recorded in Charlotte in my home studio and produced by West40 Music in Asheville, NC.

Maxwell Williams has released a Brand new track called “Who You Are” This track certainly reminds me of the old days of Blues, when the folks got together and just sang. The vocals were seasoned and grinding like old times. The drums and guitar had a mind of their own! Wonderfully done. Be sure to listen to this great track above and please leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.