Mariel Darling, emerging star and social media influencer who once went by Mariel and covered an issue of ours, is back hitting the internet by storm with her new music video “Unknown” – gaining more then 35K views in less than a week.

The sixteen-year-old Massachusetts native’s new single takes you through the journey and pressure of growing up in today’s society. “I wrote ‘Unknown’ because I was struggling with difficult life choices and was in a place where I was trying to find who I wanted to become. It’s challenging as a young adult to navigate life with the pressure of todays society. Through my music I hope to empower other young adults to find their voice, and to not cave into the status quo.” Darling is quickly gaining popularity through social media such as popular music app TikTok with over 213K fans and 1.4 million hearts, and on Instagram with over 34K followers.

The singer/songwriter has performed in front of thousands of teens promoting her positive messages across the nation. I can wait to see how she takes this year

You can purchase/ stream here: https://linktr.ee/mariel_darling

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Mariel Darling