Luciana Valentina speaks on double standards in the masterpiece of ‘The Murder of Margaret’ – Reignland

Luciana Valentine shares an Amy Winehouse-like jazz track titled, ‘The Murder of Margaret’. The track has such a dynamic piano melody that really helps set the story off. The blunt lyricism with the soulful vocals is a match made in heaven. She talks about double stanards in society along with dealing with the consequences of certain things. Her vocal switch up toward the end where she sounds like Ertha Kitt is remarkable and really puts a stamp on this whole thing as a smash hit from the 1960s made for the 2000s.

Ironically, this story is also reflecting the current global crisis – Margaret represents society (doesn’t know whom to trust or listen to) and its theft of choice. Eventually, she is choked by hypocrisy. I am dying for more music, her range is just so raw and it makes you want more. Leave some feedback for this woderful artist.

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/LucianaVMusic/