LISTEN NOW: Danny Pynes looks forward in new single, ‘Tomorrow Comes Around’ – Reignland

Americana singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer is back with a new genre-bending single titled, ‘Tomorrow Comes Around’. In his latest offering, he raps and sings over a country sound with a heavy piano that pops up in the background. The lyrics he sings about are so needed in this day and age with the world we are facing. He has such a hopeful spirit in the verses as he looks forward instead of looking back, something we all should do. The comfort you sense in his voice during the chorus is touching and takes away your fears of what’s to come.

“Despite our best intentions, sometimes we’re victims of our own inertia. Tomorrow, I’ll fix all my broken promises, when tomorrow comes around. The song is an ode to all the things we say we’ll do but know we won’t. A celebration of our inability to change for the better. I’ll be running ads through Facebook and Instagram to promote this single and its video. This song is part of a collection of self-produced genre-bending songs being released on a steady six-week cycle throughout 2020.”, he explained.

According to his bio, after self-releasing 2015’s ‘End of Times’ album, demos of Pynes’ new tracks started to circulate around South Florida, eventually reaching the ears of Grammy-winning producer Jim Jonsin who was in the process of moving to Nashville himself, and looking for that perfect mix of country, rock and hip-hop that he felt was missing in today’s music industry. Guitar in-tow, the singer hauled back and forth across state lines, sometimes driving through the night, from Florida to Tennessee on odd weekends to work with the hit-maker Jonsin in various writing camps and sessions before packing up in 2019 and relocating. The duo plan to release an EP together in 2020.