Liotta Seoul releases eerie new rock visual for “Leave A Mess” – Reignland

Liotta Seoul gets dark on new visual for “Leave a Mess” The visual is heavy and showcases a real but hard to watch piece of art. It displays the lyrics perfectly with it’s hauting almost scenes. The lyrics are emotional but speak a ton of truth with a little inspiration to not go forth with it. Speaking on the track, he says, “Lyrically, it’s about a person I (Sven) know, who has a relative that committed suicide and it’s about emphasizing with both parties, basically: The next of kin who’ve lost somebody they love and the person that committed suicide that had the full intention of actually wanting to do so and pulling through, so it’s basically just saying: “I understand you and I know what you want to do, but you should know you’ll leave a mess when you go”. Because that’s what happened to that group of people. ” Even though the topic is tuff, his vocals and lyrics do it justice. Be sure to listen to this song above, and please leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist if you like it.

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