LILYAN. debuts with powerful single, ‘HAUNTED’, a song about anxiety and abandoment. – Reignland

“Fans likely 16-30 yr old females dealing with abandonment, anxiety. Debut song of 18 yr old “triple threat” trained by Atl Jan Smith Studio (Bieber, Usher). 2 songs being mixed; 2 others hurt to out. ”


From a life of deep personal pain, a brutally honest, hard-hitting Indie pop track, with a hint of dissonant Cobain toward the end, before dropping to a whispered conclusion. Lover flouts, “Just because I had you once, it don’t mean I love you…cry about it all you want”. Ultimately, she’s “clocked out”.

Parental abandonment, anxiety, disconnection marks the life of this beautiful “triple threat” 18 year old artist, who is as much at home as the love interest lead in “Bye, Bye Birdie” as playing Death in a dramatic play. At 5 yrs she identified with “Phantom of the Opera”.

Some of her best music she refuses to play because “she can’t” stand to hear her own lyrics.

Trained by Atlanta’s Jan Smith Studio; “Mama Jan” developed teens Justin Bieber and Usher.

LILYAN.’s story may be told of an abandoned, anxious, betrayed child OR, perhaps more instructively, as a microcosm of the blindly self-destructive failures of national US drug policies. Out of ten years blithely victimized as “collateral damage” by a self-righteous brute force “System”; a wounded, beautifully sensitive soulful Artist has emerged, speaking a larger Truth as only those “with nothing left to lose” seem to tell it.