Lili K releases ‘Songs with Friends’ Project After Four Years – Reignland

Singer, LilliK has released an EP titled ‘Songs With Friends’ after four years. Her last full project was Ruby, which was released in 2015. Over the years she has released singles such as Bestfriend and her most popular, Magic. The five track project features verses from Klassik, Evean Lane and more. She announced the project in April via her social media.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Alright, I said I’d fill you in on the details this week about what I’ve been up to. *drum roll plz* IN MAY, I WILL BE RELEASING A COLLABORATIVE 5 SONG EP CALLED ‘SONGS WITH FRIENDS’ TO HOLD YOU OVER UNTIL THE ALBUM COMES OUT LATER THIS YEAR!!!! K, I love y’all. pic.twitter.com/36hHY9HRZP

— Lili K (@LiliKjazz) April 26, 2019

Then on May 2nd, she announced the release date.

Fuck it. New EP “Songs With Friends” May 10th. I’m so anxious and excited and nervous and I might pee my pants. How y’all feelin? pic.twitter.com/mtaPpxJMeV

— Lili K (@LiliKjazz) May 2, 2019

As fans patiently waited for the release, Lili made the EP available to preorder on May 4th and man did her fans get even more excited!

Happy Saturday. Pre-order my new EP on @iTunes. K thanks love you bye. https://t.co/H1R2QCTDOq pic.twitter.com/FnDGy78LUW

— Lili K (@LiliKjazz) May 4, 2019

After four years, a new body of work was released.

Hi. My newest baby is out. Listen. Send me screenshots and videos of you listening. I love you. #SongsWithFriends https://t.co/ecmpf6D052 pic.twitter.com/ADFm5lVT6v

— Lili K (@LiliKjazz) May 10, 2019

You can get this amazing project at any of the platforms below.