Lil’ Yung creates hip hop classic vibes with, ‘WestSide Day’ – Reignland

Lil Yung didn’t come to play with his new single, ‘WestSide Day’. The Barney Rumble produced track creates an old school vibe infused with a modern-day California feel. His aggressive flow is impressive because it also sounds chill like a 1990’s classic hip hop flow comparable to Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube. The lyrism in this track almost makes you feel like you are where he’s describing and his ability to tell a story as he does is crazy. The cover art alone hooked me. It’s so well done and crisp, something out of Marvel movie almost.

He honors both the West Side of Chicago and the West Coast this track takin inspration from Psychodrama, and Twista, Neo allows his alter ego, Lil’ Yung, to spit some WestSide gangster shit, from a South Side perspective. It’s always interesting to see artist with two different sides to there story.


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